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Dishrag mother, bratty kid on chairlift

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It was a long time ago, but for some reason it's still fresh in my mind.

I was riding a high speed chairlift some years ago with some woman and what I guess was her 9-year-old daughter. As you know, those things run fast, and out West they're pretty high above the ground. Anyway, I went to put the safety bar down when the mother said with a smile "She doesn't like it down."

Thinking back I should have let her know that there's a reason they call it a safety bar and can the kid talk? Instead, I just left it up and didn't say anything. No doubt the little brat made the rules in that household.

I haven't skied in a while, but I think if that were to happen again, I'd pull the bar down and let them know in no uncertain terms that it's called a "safety bar and I really don't give a blank what your little bundle of joy thinks".
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Her name must have been 'Karen'. Reminds me of the commercial where a woman says she is sorry she called another woman 'Karen'. The woman says, 'my name is Karen'. Then the first woman says she is sorry her name is 'Karen'. They did not run the commercial very long. Must have offended too many Karens.
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Several years ago we witnessed a young snowboarder fall out of his chair on the far right lift at winterplace. Him and his buddies were horseplaying and didn't have thier bar down.
Heard he broke both legs...
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