The End of an Era...We are Shutting Down the Messageboard

The messageboard is now in read-only mode and no new posts or topics can be created. We will leave the messageboard up for historical purposes, but you will not be able to make new posts or comment on existing ones.

We have started a Discord server and hope that you all will join us on there. Technology has changed over the years and maintaining the messageboard has become somewhat of a pain in the butt and Discord offers many features for users, the main one being a very polished mobile app.

We really hope you all will join us on Discord and think you will like the platform. Use the invite link below to join.

El Nino

This is the place to post your weather comments, photos, questions, maps and insight.
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Here we go, I feel like the southern apps are due for higher snowfall totals this coming season. We have dealt with the troughing being on the west coast for almost the entire previous decade, they have benefited while we have suffered.
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